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Cloud Backup

Is backing up your computers becoming a task you don’t look forward to? Or you don’t get a real comfortable feeling about the certainty of the backup? We now offer CSA Tech Cloud Backup, our very own branded cloud backup service. CSA Tech Cloud Backup is a dependable and reliable backup solution. This state-of-the-art file backup system spares you the work and uncertainty of burning DVDs or copying your files to external hard drives by backing up your files over the internet. CSA Tech Cloud Backup is fully automatic, so you no longer need to worry about your day-to-day backup requirements.

Managed Services

Managed Services allows us to help prevent issues before they become costly projects. We offer managed support packages with various options so you can pick the support package that works best for you! Whether you are a consumer or a business, we have a Managed Service solution that’s right for you. More Info Here… or Install Our Managed Service Agent Now

Virus Removal

Our most common service is virus removal. If you’ve been infected, bring your system in and have us clean out your system. This usually can be done without losing any data. If we suspect that data lose is inevitable, we’ll backup your data first!

Repairs & Upgrades

We have over 20 years experience in repairing computers.  When we repair your system, we don’t only “fix” the problem, most times we perform a full maintenance on your system.

Remote Support

For those that need a quick solution and/or can’t bring their systems in for service, we now offer online remote support.  CLICK HERE to download the connection software. This is fully secure and can only be initiated by you.

On Site Service

We offer onsite services as well. If for some reason, it’s not possible for your to bring your system in and we cannot create a remote connection, please bring your system in.

New & Used Systems

All of our systems have legally installed operating systems and software. Our used systems are completely restored and up to date, including security tools. Please contact us regarding our current inventory of refurbished systems and current pricing.

Need Your Own Domain?

Most professionals and businesses have their own domains. For example, ours is csanow.com; this also allows me to have an email address which is info@csanow.com and others. Having your own domain looks more professional and most times can be a wonderful reflection of your companies identity. A chiropractor might have a domain called “www.adjustme.com” or “www.adjustmyspine.com”, etc. If something like that interests you, please give me a call at (717) 354-4272 and we can discuss you options. If you want to do this on your own, I recommend 1and1.com. Their support is wonderful and I find the cost and features are among the best available. Click here to go to 1and1.com

Hard Drive Recovery

While most times we’re able to recover your data, there are times where your hard drive requires a complete rebuild in a “clean room” in order to retrieve your data. We have partnered with a nationally recognized, professional company if your data recovery needs reach this level. Please contact us for more info!

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Testimonials from Our Customers

They fixed my computer that was totally messed up. Their service was fast, reasonable, and excellent.


CSA Tech is always my first stop for my computer service and supplies need. Very knowledgeable and if they cant do it theyll find someone who can. Saves me a lot of time and money.


Thanks for the check that you sent ———————- like always —
every bit helps. I appreciate your honesty. While I tend to trust everyone,
it’s a pleasure when I am proven right.

We are still in the process of closing our business affairs, including new
email addresses, etc. Seems like it will never end.  ~ Mike

Mike M.

My system was continually becoming infected, so CSA analyzed my history and installed a “sandbox” which kept me protected. Been using them for years and trust only them! ~ Carl

Carl M.

His ability to accurately diagnose and repair my system, when everyone else had failed, was phenomenal… to say the least! ~ James

James S.

Some Of Our Clients