About Us

Located in New Holland, PA we have served the local community of New Holland and the surrounding areas for over 15 years from our current location.

CSA Tech Solutions is a company dedicated to helping you find the best return on your investment. In addition to our services such as computer repair, custom PC builds, new & used computers, networking, and spreadsheet / database development, we also offer remote online support services!

Remote Support Click Here!  Not an emergency? Create a Support Ticket here and we'll contact you as soon as we can to assist you with your problem

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We have over 20 years experience in repairing computers.  When we repair your system, we don't only "fix" the problem, most times we perform a full maintenance on your system.  This includes making sure you have current antivirus and anti-spyware installed and protecting your system, installing all of the latest updates for your operating system, tweaking the performance settings of your system, removing unnecessary startup programs, and defragmenting your hard drive.  More than 98% of the computers we service are in desperate need of these services.  Once performed, many of our customers tell us that their computers are running better than when they first purchased them.

Online Remote Support System.  When it's not convenient to bring your computer into our store for service our Online Remote Support System allows us to connect to your computer over the internet and will allow us to "fix" the immediate problem. This method is completely secure and can only be initiated by you, the customer.  In some cases full maintenance may still be needed, in which case, you will still need to bring your system into our store for service.  


We have the experience and knowledge to evaluate the best solution for your organizations needs, and then will partner with manufacturers, internet providers, and other experts in their fields to ensure that the very best, and most cost effective solution is provided.