Tech Support Scams! Part 2

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As I mentioned yesterday, tech support scams are rampant. But you need to be very aware, they are also changing tactics almost on a daily basis. While the latest seem to be a result of either a hijacked browser or an infected website, the earlier version that was so¬†prominent¬†(and still in use, just a little […]

Tech Support Scams!

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Lately I’ve been getting a flood of systems from people who have been targeted for these types of tech support scams. These seem to come from two different methods: They receive a phone call purporting to be someone from Microsoft or some other legitimate company, or… They go to what is normally a legitimate website […]

Memory versus Storage

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I often talk to customers who, when discussing their computer problems, have a misunderstanding of these two words; Memory and Storage. It’s important to understand the difference. This description will cover this topic with a “very wide paint brush”, so to speak. It’s not intended to be exhaustive by any means. There are always nuances […]

Refurbished PC Licensing

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Refurbished PC Licensing When purchasing a used or refurbished Windows PC that has the Windows 7 operating system on it, it’s important that you understand what it is that you are paying for. There are some vendors in most communities that will sell you a computer that isn’t correctly or legally licensed. I want to […]